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One of the brendan s gems was to rate the movie fight club 5 7. 5 7 is mainly used as an inside joke on social media platforms like reddit to express approval of various content often of films but not exclusively.

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While i read the 5 7 thing as it happened on reddit i read elsewhere that it s all photoshopped but with some truth in it.

5 7 perfect score meme. On december 2015 a facebook screenshot showing a discussion between the proud trump supporter brandan sullivan who rates the film fight club with a 5 7 and a guy called robert graves got popular on imgur. Of course tiger king s james garretson on a jet ski is a meme carole baskin is just as meme able as joe exotic arrr modern music is no good. 415 points 61 comments brendan scores a perfect 5 7 on this one 9gag has the best funny pics gifs videos gaming anime manga movie tv cosplay sport food memes cute fail wtf photos on the internet.

The expression a solid 5 out of 7 a play on a solid 10 out of 10 also appears on. 1 point 4 years ago. 5 7 is now frequently used on reddit if someone wants to give something a.

The odd rating 5 7 represents a perfect score. Or did i get something wrong. 5 7 refers to a rating for the 1999 drama film fight club shown in a facebook status update attributed to user brendan sullivan.

Stay logged in. Login create account. Brandan claims later that fight club deserved a perfect score.

That was hilarious i give it a 5 7 a perfect score. 5 7 refers to a rating for the 1999 drama film fight club shown in a facebook status update attributed to user brendan sullivan. 1700s sea shanties however.

5 7 perfect score 144241307 added by anonymous at first ever meme porn. Click to create account. When robert questioned him about this 7 point scale brendan got cranky and said it reflected his opinion of the movie as perfect which led to a bunch of other times that robert got to pop in and remind everyone that for brendan 5 7.

In one example a video of a sleepy pug puppy is tagged 5 out of 7 indicating the user finds it excellent in tongue in cheek allusion to the 5 7 meme. Even though it is hilarious i do not think that much people were patient enough to read through that whole post. Wholesome memes aww anime manga video games memes gifs webms.

I do really often see i rate 5 7. And i cannot imagine the only origin is this picture collection. The comments on the 5 7 know your meme website says so.

Granted that needs to be verified as well but thought i d post here the til it may not entirely be true this 5 7 meme images. After the screenshot widely circulated on imgur in december 2015 users began posting 5 7 ratings in comments sections as an inside joke on the image sharing site. Meme status confirmed year 2015 origin imgur tags facebook status update trolling brendan sullivan robert graves fightclub fight club fight club rating you do not talk about fight club freshprinceofdenmark wakuboys user8550 sadman13 about.

1 238 Am 41 Ee Knowyourmemecommemes5 7 Eji 2 Origin On December 6th 2015 Imgurl1 User Freshprinceofdenmark Posted A Series Of Facebook Screenshots In Which A User Named Robert Graves Mocks Various People

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