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7 38 55 Rule You’ll Love

Mehrabian s 7 38 55 communication model. Mehrabian developed a key interest in the role of nonverbal communication and its impact during face to face exchanges in the 1960s where he developed the often used and misunderstood 7 38 55 rule.

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The famous 55 38 7 rule is actually a myth.

7 38 55 rule. 55 of our communications are through body language 38 through vocal tone and only 7 through the actual verbal content. It s based on a study done in 1967 by dr. If so it s time to learn that this is not a rule and it does not apply to all forms of human communication.

This was the culmination of two pioneering studies conducted in 1967. The 7 38 55 rule is a concept concerning the communication of emotions. Are you using the so called 7 38 55 rule as if it s a fact applying to all forms of human communication.

The 7 38 55 communication rule. The source is professor emeritus continue reading stop misusing the 7 38 55 rule. So this study proves that a speaker s words are only a fraction of the entire communication.

The rule states that 7 percent of meaning is communicated through spoken word 38 percent through tone of voice and 55 percent through body language. Some situations could rely more on nonverbal information like the aforementioned emblems. People must take into account the fact that communication takes place in different situations and the situation has a huge effect on how the interaction ensues.

Albert mehrabian a professor of psychology at ucla but the study was completely misinterpreted by the media and passed on for decades as fact. So where does this so called rule come from. The 38 55 7 myth also misrepresents that the research measured what is conveyed when in fact it measured how others perceive receive our verbal message when our tone of voice and facial expressions do not match what we would expect in alignment with the words.

Then the internet came along and if you google. Secondly such quantifications are very subjective and cannot be applied as a rule to all contexts. The truth about the communication formula 55 38 7 monday july 17th 2017 by aaron.

According to albert mehrabian s 7 38 55 rule words are not everything when it comes to communication infact the elements of personal communication are 7 spoken words. This is part of the reason that emails are less effective that telephone calls which are less effective than video calls which are in turn less effective than face to face meetings. So you re at a training seminar on speaking or presentation skills and you re given the magic formula.

We are often told that tone and body language play a huge role in the our communications. The 7 38 55 rule is not a set in stone law of communication. I have two arguments against the oversimplified interpretation of the 7 38 55 rule in the first place it is very difficult to quantify the impact of tone of voice and body language on the effectiveness of communication.

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