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I ve checked the game manual the tutorials the game s wiki and i spent quite a bit of time poking around. Particularly when it comes to weapons and defenses.

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Or you could make you own system like combining spore to.

Endless space 2 ship design. Roles and types of ships in endless space 2 endless space 2 guide. Is there some button on a screen that isn t on the colony or military screens that i need to be looking for. I don t like ship design so after a failed search on the internet for a simple guide to ship design i was forced to figure it out myself.

Looking for any tips on ship design. So for fellow new gamers i suggest the following ship design 101 guide. But we can alter ship size or component size.

Basicly you have premade ships. Full of technology that would have seemed like arcane magic when your empire was first established the ships created by these designs equate to the most advanced vessels imaginable. Can we have feature like galactic civ style where we modify all the ship design by ourself.

Kinetic hull plating penetration 20 shield penetraion 50. Or could i just stack shields. My easy steps are as follow in the panel you have different size of ship.

Weapon modules are devided into 2 class and 4 subclasses. Laser hull plating penetration 80 shield penetraion 10. Some gives bonus but it is important in end game only.

Hence build 3 types of ships early in game. Missile hull plating penetration 10 shield penetraion 60. Are shields useless against projectiles and vice versa.

And just putting module in it. Ships are outfitted and upgraded with modules which increase. The only answers i ve found to this question are snarky responses but i seriously cannot figure out how to build a ship in this game.

With weapons it looks like missiles are the most efficient as you can win before you take damage. Once warp drive is researched in stage 2 of science and exploration ships can move to any discovered system outside of star lanes but at a reduced speed. Close range hardly seems to happen fast enough to be worth it so beams seem useless.

No need to change ship design. Some ships have assigned roles that have impact on how they behave during a battle. Ships move in fleets along star lanes the white lines connecting systems and have a limited number of movement points each turn.

Or having star ruler style where we can alter size component quality or module size. Next fleet and army space battles prev fleet and army modules and ship designs. Endless space 2 ship design guide.

Ships are the main units in endless space 2. Beam hull plating penetration 90 shield penetraion 10. The rest of the game has been very easy to.

Do i balance shields and armor. Endless ship design is unlocked once an empire has reached stage five of the military technology tree. Starting experience level for new ships is veteran.

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